Chris Silverwood apologises to Super Kings signing Ali

Chris Silverwood apologises to Super Kings signing Ali

ENGLAND COACH Chris Silverwood has apologised to all-rounder Moeen Ali for the way in which the team confirmed he will miss the last two tests in India.

Captain Joe Root had suggested the decision to leave came from Mr Ali, according to the BBC.

After a bidding war between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings, Mr Ali was selected by the Super Kings in the recent IPL auction.

Mr Silverwood was reported as saying: “We are sorry the impression we gave was that Moeen is being treated differently to other people. He isn’t.

“The decision for him to go home was ours and we will own that decision.”

The plan for the 33-year-old to leave the camp was made ahead of time, though England are thought to have explored the chances to keep him in the side after the second test.

Mr Root told the media after the game: “It’s come to a point where he wants to get out of the bubble.”

It is understood the batsman spoke to Mr Ali at the team hotel and supported his decision to leave after realising how his words could be misconstrued.

Mr Silverwood explained the decision is consistent with England’s rotation policy: “The decision for Moeen to go home was ours, as it was with the other players.

Mr Ali tested positive for coronavirus in Sri Lanka and had to spend 14 days in isolation, when he did return for the second test, his first in 18 months, he gave the best figures in the team for both bowling and batting.

England wanted to allow Mr Ali to stay for the final two tests and rest for the limited overs portion of the tour.

Mr Silverwood explained: “It was a unique situation with Moeen, the fact that he had spent so long in isolation getting Covid out in Sri Lanka and how he’d just broken back into the team.

“The question was posed to him but ultimately we felt it was the right decision for him to go home.”

As for the rotation policy: “We’re trying to be proactive and get the breaks in there for them so we don’t get to a point where they have had enough.

“To send them home, get them fresh… seeing the guys that have come back, they are bouncing, excited and full of energy. That is exactly where I want the players to be and we are working hard to make that happen.”

The final test and the ODIs and T20is will be played throughout March.

The IPL is expected to begin in April.

Mr Ali spent the last three editions of the IPL with Royal Challengers Banglore.

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